Neusiedlersee, Austria
Imperial Butterfly House, Vienna
Retz, Austria
Kagran, Vienna - danube recreation area
Kagran, Vienna - danube recreation area
Kagran, Vienna - danube recreation area
natural forest biotope in a bomb crater, Vienna Woods
The white beaches of Rosignano-Solvay are a result of the waste from the big belgian bicarbonate factory called Solvay; such a big company that part of the city has been renamed after it. The waste water coming from the bicarbonate production is thrown into the nearby sea, as a result the beach is as white as snow and looks like a caribbean beach. But this wasn’t the only product wasted: also mercury and arsenium, lead... have been released in the sea. Because of an intentional lack of information not everybody knows that apart calcium and sodium bicarbonate there are also mercury. Legambiente (a local NGO) calculate that 90.000 tons of toxic waste was released in the sea in front of the factory - 500 tons of mercury and the pollutant is spread to 14 kms from the shoreline. In 2010 the Solvay Group have eliminated the mercury from the production cycle but at least 100.000 tons of waste are still discharged in the sea. Despite the risk for the human health the beaches are highly frequented by tourist and the beach with the sea got the blue flag!

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